The Padma Effect

Professional Hospitality

Prioritising safety & hygiene, our staff are all professionally trained from counter to room, to giving customers a peace of mind.

Relax Zone

A spacious waiting lounge area with ample seating, we allow our customers to be in a relaxed state before the massage starts.

Holistic Relief

A truly calming experience when you enter padma spa, with our focus on ambience, privacy and taking care of your needs.

Our Service

Our therapists are trained in various massage techniques and may use a combination in your treatment, as appropriate.

Duration Price
Foot Massage 30 min $38
足疗 60 min $58
Obstructed “Qi” in body parts gets released by massaging the corresponding section in the foot sole. 90 min $78
Body Massage 60 min $ 78
身体精油按摩 90 min $108
Oil Massage to unlock tightness and helps your muscles relax, eliminating the aches in your body. 120 min $138
TCM Acupressure 60 min $78
中式指压推拿 90 min $108
TCM Tuina style to stimulate the flow of “Qi”, promoting balance and harmony within the body. 120 min $138
Foot & Shoulder 60 min $68
足疗+肩部 90 min $98
Pressure point technique to release the areas with the most built-up tension in our bodies today. 120 min $128
Ear Candling 25-30 min $48
Removing wax buildup to improve hearing.

All Services at discounted prices

Opening Promotion
Until 9th October 2021

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